Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Mr. X Before and After, again...

Did another Jade/Infrared treatment on client X today.

1st photo before treatment
2nd photo after 4 treatments

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Mr. X Before and After

I've been doing a series on a client who graciously allowed me to post his progress. We are doing a series of weekly treatments including infrared light, peels and Jade muscle lifting. Here's his progress:

Before we started. Client complained of his neck looking old and just feeling like his skin could look better. I see lots of sun damage and pigmentation. On his neck, X has tough-to-treat capillary damage that accumulates from many years of sun damage that gives his neck a reddish, ruddy look.

After two treatments his neck is looking firmer, the skin looking thicker and more youthful. Eye area looking more alive. Jaw line firmer, face filling in as muscles are getting pumped from the Jade microcurrent facial sculpting. Skin is lightening, tightening due to the Infrared rejuvenation we are doing.

After 3 treatments: Jaw line firmer, face continues to firm up and thin out in the right places as muscles are getting pumped from the Jade microcurrent facial sculpting. Skin keeps lightening, tightening and pores are being refined due to the Infrared rejuvenation.

Stay tuned for more progress!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Did you know...?

Waterproof mascara isn't always your friend

Who wants wrinkles? No one! But while you might not want wrinkles, you may well be creating them with your mascara... Waterproof mascara is more difficult to get off than regular mascara. No matter how good your eye makeup remover is, you will still accidentally end up pulling on the skin around your eyes when you try and remove it. Every time you pull on that fragile, thin skin around your eyes, you create wrinkles! How often do you actually end up getting soaked in the rain, or falling into a swimming pool in the middle of your day? Waterproof mascara is good for the beach but for everyday use, ditch it! Use regular mascara and avoid wrinkles.