Thursday, March 19, 2009

Did you know...?

A quality peel not only smoothes the skin, but can eat up blackheads as well...

As I was working on a client today, I found myself delighted and excited. I was excited because we were trying a new peel on her. She has very interesting skin. Although it's tough it can't tolerate certain peels yet will hardly react to others. Today we found a winner for her.

While removing the mask I began to notice one of my favorite peel side effects: Blackhead removal without manual extractions! The enzymes in the mask actually devoured the blackheads right up. I'm sure this is the effect that those dreaded Biore Blackhead Remover Strips had in mind, but could never achieve, as least not on my nose!

This is a smart peel because it contains enzymes that only digest keratinized (dead) cells without attacking live, healthy cells. Since blackheads are dead cells and oil combined, bye, bye blackheads!

Her skin also looked smoother and her post inflammatory acne spots (marks that linger after the pimple is healed) were lighter. We were both pleased with the results.

With results like this, you can see why so many of my clients are taking advantage of the two for one peel special this month. Since peels work best when done in a series, I'm offering a head start with this special. It's all about results!

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