Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Do you know...What top skincare mistake I see people make over and over?

Every new client I see seeks me out to solve a problem. It can be premature aging, sun spots, acne, large pores - you name it. But there are some mistakes in handling our skin that I see over and over. The most common mistake deals with exfoliation, or sloughing off the dead cells from out top-most layer of the epidermis. If overdone, the skin's health suffers. If underdone, no results are seen. I help people find the right type of exfoliant, and determine how often to do it to get the best results.

Finding the right exfoliant isn't always easy for the average consumer. There are so many options: acids, peels, enzymes, buff puffs, at-home-microdermabrasion etc. The choices are so overwhelming that I find many clients choose to skip it altogether. This is where I come in to clear their confusion.

Last week I had a client come in complaining of dryness and wrinkles. We determined she was using some great, nutrition packed topicals, so that wasn't the issue. Upon closer inspection of her skin, I saw what looks like a plastic coating of dead skin cells. I like to call this "Barbie Doll" plastic skin: it's tough and occlusive, and none of those fancy products she's using can penetrate it!

I told her to use her gentle jojoba bead scrub exfoliant sitting on her shelf at home. It was time, her skin was begging for it! She's been using it daily and getting nice results. I saw her today at a meeting and was pleased to see her skin's progress. I imagine it saying, "Ah! I can breathe. I can eat! Finally!"

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