Friday, June 19, 2009

Why that expensive cream won't erase ALL your wrinkles...(or what's my two-pronged approach to anti-aging skincare)

Many of us dream of a one-stop miracle cream that will take care of all our skin woes. As much as I wish this existed the truth is no cream will fix those wrinkles caused by forceful or sagging muscles underneath the skin. (There are some that claim a Botox-like effect, but so far I am not impressed!)

Let me explain why a cream can't cure all facial wrinkles past, say age 30. Facial muscles act differently that other muscles in our body. Body/skeletal muscles often are matched in pairs that have opposite actions. For example, the abductor and adductor muscles of the arm move the arm away from and towards the torso, respectively, and other pairs of muscles flex and extend the arm or leg.

Facial muscles of expression do not have such an arrangement. Instead, the facial muscles often have no oppositional muscles and the facial tissue they affect returns to a resting state because the tissue resists deformation (or turgor). When muscles produce opposite facial appearances (e.g., raising versus lowering the lip corners), they do not have the oppositional arrangement typical of skeletal muscles, but instead attach to different bones or tissues.
Translation: as your skin ages, it's ability to stabilize the muscle, or bounce back from a facial expression gets less and less. AND you get ...wrinkles!
So what do I do about this? Two things: Microcurrent and facial exercises, in ADDITION to all those fun, amazing, sometimes expensive skincare creams. Microcurrent is explained in detail here. The facial exercises I do are mostly for my neck and chin area. Please email me or call me 512 671 0637 for those.

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