Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What a Master Skincare Therapist does to Perk up Tired Skin...

You know what I’m talking about. You wake up and look in the mirror and your skin just doesn’t have that glow you crave. Despite all my products, I sometimes feel this way myself. What do I do? I treat myself like a movie star getting ready for the Oscars! What’s an Oscar worthy treatment? (No regular facial will do!) I break out the big guns: the Jade Microcurrent, AKA the facial muscle lifter.

What does microcurrent do? It lifts those sunken cheeks, depuffs those eyes, lifts that sagging jowl and firms up my neck. In a word: MAGIC! Yes, I know, I get so excited about this treatment because it works! THIS is the treatment all the stars get done before the Oscars. They’re not running for Botox two days before, they are getting microcurrent!

What exactly is microcurrent? It’s a very low electric current that mimics the body’s natural biocurrent. The current passively “exercises” the muscle and tones the face. You may remember those hokey Abtronics TV commercials from years ago (yes, I bought one too!): Super buff gym rats with six-pack abs poured into electronic belts that contract their muscles to within an inch of their life. Microcurrent is like this, by WAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYY more elegant. You don’t feel the current, and the treatment is super relaxing. Most of my clients are lulled asleep, and wake up to the most refreshed looking face.

Ok, I’m off to give myself an Oscar worthy treatment!

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