Monday, June 30, 2014

Radio Frequency Skin Tightening

Did you know?
Deeply heating the skin with Radio Frequency waves causes skin tightening and is the gold standard for nonsurgical facelifting

When Thermage came out with their orginal radio frequency (RF) skin tightening machine over ten years ago, it was a tremendous success. Since then, many other manufacturers have come out with different variations of RF technology with varying results.  I have found that combining Fractional RF (explained below) with LED and Microcurrent makes for a fantastic, no downtime, photo-ready facethat stays plump and lifted longer. In fact, it's such a terrific combo that I have it on sale until July 31st.  Purchase a microcurrent, LED and RF treatment for only $175. You save $50!
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Have you tried...?
Fractional Radio Frequency

Fractional RF treatments are relaxing and effective.  While regular RF is painful and usually requires a dental anesthesia block for client comfort, fractionated RF is not painful. You only feel a slight heating sensation on your skin. With regular RF, you feel the full blast of heat from the treatment head, because deep heat is required to get collagen contraction and thus renewal. Fractionated RF's treatment head has an array of 96 holes in it so the full impact of the heat is not felt, but the skin still gets a full treatment.  The results?  Lifted, plump, tighter skin with less wrinkles without the pain.

What you're saying...
“I had my first treatment with Christine this past week. It was the best facial I‘ve ever had! My skin looked wonderful afterward. I definitely plan to continue treatments with Christine. She is very knowledgeable and tailors her treatments to each person’s individual skin care needs."

Rhonda Peet, February 2014

Summer Referral Special 
This summer refer a friend and they get a free red LED Photofacial upgrade with facial purchase.  You get an upgrade of your choice.

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Christine Byer
Master Esthetician / Skincare Expert

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