Thursday, July 3, 2014

"I was featured on this blog by certified life coach and career coach Drew Carey in Indianapolis!"

This is from Drew Carey's blog.  He is a life coach in Indianapolis, Indiana. 
This blog has veered from its original intent to spotlight inspirational people who followed their inner wisdom to great success. I started writing about my own interests which have moved toward career coaching as my life coaching practice has evolved. Now the people who inspire me are those who left their jobs in corporate America to do what they love.

My latest inspiraton is Christine Byer, owner of Christine Byer Esthetics. I met her at church. She has an adorable daughter named Cici who brings smiles to everyone's face at the church! We finally officially met at the Easter Sunday service this year and made a date to meet for coffee a few weeks ago. In keeping with trying to support local coffeehouses, we decided to meet at Perk Up in Broad Ripple.  Part of me doens't want it to get busy because it's such a lovely oasis for me during the day. But it's a great place with amazing coffee!

Christine told me about how she had worked in her early career in sales and marketing for several companies in Texas and Florida. Like many of us, she wondered if there could be more to her life than her career was offering to her.  She graduated from Indiana University and was surprised to find herself considering beauty school for a new career.  She remembers being the "Groomer" in her family that included 5 sisters.  She was in charge of hair and makeup and many other chores to make her family look their best. 

Flash forward 15 years later and Christine is now a master esthetician and considered an industry leader in many skincare modalities, including photorejuvenation and microcurrent technology. She explained how microcurrent works to me so well that even I want to get a treatment! She places electrodes on designated areas on the face and neck based on each client's unique facial characteristics.  A small electrical current is given so that the muscles of the face are strengthened. It also increases the production of collagen and elastin.  This can reduce the appearance of wrinkles.  She calls it personal training for the face!
Her advice to anyone considering a career change? "I would say, not to be trite or cheesy, but follow your heart because that's where your passion is. Not all days in your new field of choice will be rosy. It's passion that carries you through. Many months into my new career, I made lots of mistakes (going out on my own too soon, choosing bad business partners, not marketing enough in person, etc.) but it was my love of esthetics and all things skincare that helped me get up in the morning and find my next client. I say, do your research, tap into your passion and go for it!"
To learn more about Christine and her business, visit her web site at  Her number is 317-997-2260.
To learn more about the microcurrent procedure, watch Christine's YouTube video here:
Thank you, Christine, for being an inspiration to my clients and everyone who wonders if they can have a life of passion and meaning by embarking on a new career.