Monday, August 18, 2014

Indy Esthetician and Microcurrent Pro Update:  Ok, I'm such a goof!  I've been doing lots of Dot matrix Radio frequency treatments to myself and although my skin was looking better, it looked a bit lackluster. I recently read an article that said the average American diet, no matter how healthy, was found to be deficient in vitamin B complex, C, D and magnesium. A bell rang in my head saying "you forgot your vitamin C!"  And it's true, I had run out of my Image Hydrating Anti Aging serum (a best seller that packs in THREE types of highly absorbable and effective vitamin C). I put it on that night and viola! The next morning my wattle was back UP there and the rest of my skin, especially my cheek area (where we start to lose volume at my, eh hum, "advanced" age of 45) was fuller and less dry looking.  If you don't have some form of vitamin C in your Skincare routine (I'm talking to you, Nerium users) RUN, don't walk to buy Image's Vital C serum, Creme or Intense Creme.  You WILL notice a difference right away. And don't forget, vitamin C plays a HUGE role in collagen synthesis and without it, your skin will not thrive!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Did you know?
The simplest way to look younger now is to use sunscreen, however not all sunscreens are made equally.  

If you are in a time crunch in the morning, why use more than one cream?  A high quality all-in-one day cream should contain SPF AND a bevy of powerful ingredients to treat and protect your skin all day long.  Look for cutting-edge ingredients like plant stem cells and VBOSC (a non-acid, fat soluble form of Vitamin C that brightens sun spots) as well as other skin savers. 

Image Skincare's Prevention + Daily Ultimate Protection Moisturizers contain all the ingredients mentioned above, plus many other antioxidants so you are covered all day. 

Also, be sure to apply your sunscreen from your hairline to your breast bone.  The neck and the chest get scorched by the sun in the car, so its best to keep those areas covered. Plus, the neck and chest will give away our age just a surely as the face will, so protect them too!
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Have you tried...?
Fractional Radio Frequency

Fractional RF treatments are relaxing and effective.  While regular RF is painful and usually requires a dental anesthesia block for client comfort, fractionated RF is not painful. You only feel a slight heating sensation on your skin. With regular RF, you feel the full blast of heat from the treatment head, because deep heat is required to get collagen contraction and thus renewal. Fractionated RF's treatment head has an array of 96 holes in it so the full impact of the heat is not felt, but the skin still gets a full treatment.  The results?  Lifted, plump, tighter skin with less wrinkles without the pain and absolutely NO DOWNTIME.

What you're saying...
“I had my first treatment with Christine this past week. It was the best facial I‘ve ever had! My skin looked wonderful afterward. I definitely plan to continue treatments with Christine. She is very knowledgeable and tailors her treatments to each person’s individual skin care needs."

Rhonda Peet, client since Feb., 2014

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This summer refer a friend and they get a free red LED Photofacial upgrade with facial purchase.  You get an upgrade of your choice.

Stay tuned for more Skin Tips next month.


Christine Byer
Master Esthetician / Skincare Expert

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